How to Turn Internal Google+ Conversations into External Business Sales - dummies

How to Turn Internal Google+ Conversations into External Business Sales

By Jesse Stay

Ultimately, your conversations — and all you do inside your company — should be focused on the customers who buy and use your products. Google+ for Google Apps provides an effective tool for this purpose, as good as (or better than) many competing software products on the market.

Here’s why: You can target contacts both inside and outside your company network. The idea is to turn your internal conversations into external relationships and interactions with customers. Try these approaches:

  • As you’re discussing your company’s products in your internal company domain, consider bringing in a customer or two (or many) to that conversation to get their input and feedback. Assuming there’s nothing too private (or commercially sensitive) being discussed, you can solicit feedback from customers on the topics you’re discussing.

  • Consider using Hangouts to bring customers into the loop. A Hangout that involves up to ten people could become a remote focus group: Invite a couple of people from within your domain and a few people from outside it. Result: People inside your company have a chance to talk, face to face, with people who are interested in your brand.

  • If you notice a customer with a problem on Google+, consider resharing that person’s post in your internal domain. (Depending on the situation, you might consider asking the customer first.) You can even opt to include the customer in the conversation and then the entire company can work to help this one customer.