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How to Target Your Updates to Market with Facebook

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

A little-known marketing trick that you can do with the Publisher is to target your updates to certain members of your community. As of this writing, targeting is still being rolled out to all Pages and you may not yet have access to this feature. But it is scheduled to roll out to all Pages with 100 likes or more. You can target your updates by the following options:

  • Gender: Men or Women

  • Relationship Status: Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, or Married

  • Educational Status: In High School, In College, College Grad

  • Interested In: Men or Women

  • Age: Select a range between 13 and 65

  • Location: Country, Region or State, City

  • Language: Type in the language

When you select the targeting, only those likers whom you specify in your target will see your status update in their News Feeds. This can be very helpful when you are posting something where you want a certain demographic to respond or if you have a local event.

If you have an Event happening in San Francisco, you can update only the people who live near there — meaning that your community members in New York won’t see those posts in their News Feeds.

To use this feature, follow these steps after you type your status update:

  1. Click the Target icon button to the right of the clock icon in the Publisher.

    You then see an additional link to Add Targeting.


  2. Click the Add Targeting link.

    A drop-down menu appears that allows you to select which options you want to choose to target.


  3. Select which demographic you want to target from the drop-down menu.

    You see the selection listed as shown in the Target by Gender field.

  4. Use the drop-down menu next to the demographic to select which part of the demographic you want to target.

    If you select Target by Location, a pop-up box appears and you can select the radio buttons as for Country, Region or State, or City. You can select many countries to target, many states or regions within one country, or many cities within one country. Once you have made all your location selections, click Choose Locations.


  5. Click the blue Post button after making all your targeting selections and writing your post in the What’s on Your Mind? box.

    Your post will then go out into the News Feeds of only those targeted fans of your Page. The post will not show that it has been targeted but you will be able to see it has been targeted if you mouse over the “world” icon on the post. You will see the exact demographic that you selected in the targeting options listed in a small pop-up.

    Notice that the number of people in the targeted demographic are listed in the post. You may want to use the targeting option just to see more about your demographics.