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How to Target Your Google+ Updates to Market Niches

By Jesse Stay

One of the big advantages of Google+ circles for web marketers is that you can target your updates to specific audiences. This ensures you always have control over who can see your posts. You choose lists, people, or e-mail addresses.

Want to archive all your updates? If you use the Evernote service, you can. Just store your Evernote e-mail address in a circle named Evernote. When you want to archive an update, add the Evernote circle to the list of circles you’re posting to. Now all your posts will save to Evernote.

You can take this strategy even further if you want, and use other e-mail addresses. Name the circle Backups, and it will be backed up automatically to every service you choose.

You can target your posts a few different ways:

  • To an individual. If you type in the name of a Google+ user, only that user — or the individual users you specify by name — can see your post. You can send a private message to a friend, for instance. Or maybe you want to send it to a particular circle and just a couple of friends outside that circle.

  • To a circle or circles. Perhaps the most common feature is to specify a single circle or a couple of circles you want to see your post. Maybe the post is just for coworkers. Make sure you specify your coworkers’ circles.

    The circles you choose are recalled the next time you post. The next time you post, make sure that your post is going to the right people and that your settings are back to where you like them. This particular privacy strength could actually come back to bite you if you’re not watching it.

  • To an e-mail address. You can target updates to specific e-mail addresses. Those users get an e-mail message asking them to click through to see the entire update. Users are required to have Google+ accounts to read the messages; each one who comments must have a Google account.