How to Target Posts from Your Company’s Google+ Page

By Jesse Stay

Targeting posts can be a useful way to reach your audience through your company Google+ page. This is helpful when you know that only a particular audience will respond to a post. You don’t want to alienate others by making them view everything you post. After you’ve added a few people to your page circles, try targeting a post or two to those circles.

To target a post to a circle, individual, or e-mail address, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Share What’s New box.

    A dialog box opens.

    • If it’s your first time, the text reads Add Names, Circles, or E-mail Addresses.

    • If you’ve previously posted to Google+, the last circle selection you chose is chosen again.

  2. Click Add Names, Circles, or E-mail Addresses.

    If a circle is already listed, either remove it or click + Add More People.

    A drop-down menu shows your circles, as well as an option to share — publicly or to all your circles.

  3. Select the recipients.

    You can select recipients by

    • Selecting circles that you’ve created

    • Typing either the names or e-mail addresses of individuals who follow your page

  4. Write your post.

  5. Click Share.

    You just targeted your first post!