How to Target Facebook Marketing with Interest Lists - dummies

How to Target Facebook Marketing with Interest Lists

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Creating interest lists can help you gain customers by focusing exactly where you need to. Interest Lists are different from custom lists because you can add people you’re subscribed to, people you’re Friends with, and Pages you like to Interest Lists, making them even more useful and interesting.

Because of the sheer number of people on Facebook (more than 1 billion!), it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information users are posting. One smart strategy for staying focused is to customize your News Feed to ensure that you’re seeing only the Facebook posts that matter most to you and the success of your business. One way to make this happen is to create Interest Lists.

Advantages of creating Interest Lists include

  • Not missing out on important updates by your favorite people and Pages

  • The ability to share your Interest Lists with the world

  • The convenience of adding yourself or your Page to your own Interest List so that when others subscribe to it, they subscribe to your updates as well

To see what Interest Lists look like, go to and check out the Add Interests section.

Alternatively, you can go to your Facebook home page; on the left side, you see Interests below your Favorites, Groups, Friends, Pages, and Apps. You may have to click the More link to find it.


If you want to start creating your own Interest List or subscribe to popular ones created by other Facebook users, click Add Interests. As you can see from the first few suggested Interest Lists, the popularity of Interest Lists can be great. Some have more than 75,000 subscribers!


To set up an Interest List, follow these steps:

  1. Point your browser to, and log in to your account if necessary.

  2. Click the +Create List button.

    The window that pops up allows you to search Pages you like, people you subscribe to, and Friends. You can also browse people and Pages by category.

  3. Click to select the Pages, Subscriptions, or Friends you want to add to your list.

  4. Click Next when you finish adding people and Pages.

  5. Type a name for your list.

  6. Choose whether you want your list to be seen publicly, by Friends, or only by you.

  7. Click Done when you’re finished.

After you create your list, you’re taken to that list immediately, and you see the latest updates by the people and Pages you added.

To edit your new Interest List, click the Manage List drop-down menu near the top-right corner of the page. There, you see the options to rename your list, edit your list (including the option to add or remove people and Pages), choose update types, set notification settings, or delete the list.

To access your list, find the Interests section in your left sidebar. Your newly created or subscribed-to lists are displayed here, but you may have to click More to find them. If you’d like to get easier access to your list, hover over the list name, click the pencil icon when it appears, and select Add to Favorites. Now your Interest List will be below your Favorites.

You can add a Profile or Page to your Interest Lists (or create new lists) when viewing a person’s Profile or Page by clicking the settings icon (gear) under the Profile’s or Page’s Timeline cover photo. In the drop-down menu, you see Add to Interest Lists.