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How to Take Advantage of the Novelty of QR Codes

By Joe Waters

QR Codes currently enjoy an enviable place in society. They have a “What’s that?” quality that will be short lived but should be used for all it’s worth while it lasts.

For a short time, QR Codes will be the tech tool people point to and whisper about. The question is, how can you benefit from the coolness factor that comes with them? Check out these ways:

  • Enhance your resume. If you’re a graphic designer on the job hunt, include a stylish QR Code on your resume or portfolio that will catch an employer’s eye.

  • Highlight your knowledge of QR Codes. If your sights are set on a job in marketing or social media, consider including a QR Code on your resume, business card, cover letter, and the like.

    Not only can the QR Code link to valuable additional information about your professional qualifications, QR Codes are a great talking point. It’s one of those things that are bound to bring up questions. The key is to make sure that your explanation of what QR Codes are, what they do, and how they can be used is as smooth and easy as scanning a QR Code with
    a reader.

  • Incorporate codes in your business. Suggest to your boss a way that you can use QR Codes in a simple and effective way in your business. Maybe it’s something as easy as putting them on purchase receipts so shoppers can quickly scan a QR Code and talk to a customer service representative if they have a problem.

  • Spice up your next event with QR Codes. Include them on your invitation to get people’s attention while sharing important details, such as directions to the event location or a fun recap video of last year’s event.

An easy way to make an impression with QR Codes is to forget the traditional black-and-white design and customize yours with color, artwork, or your logo.