How to Tag Key Players in Facebook Page Updates - dummies

How to Tag Key Players in Facebook Page Updates

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

If you want to make sure that someone sees your posting on Facebook, tag them by using the @ system. They see the post on their personal Timelines and get Notifications that they’ve been tagged in a post by you. This works for your Friends and Pages that you have liked.

Keep these things in mind:

If you’re posting as the Page, you can’t tag Friends or individuals in the main Status Update.

If you’re posting as yourself, you can tag Friends, individuals, or Pages.

The problem is that if you post to your Page as your personal Profile instead of as your Page, that update doesn’t show in the News Feed for anyone not associated with your personal Profile. That means fans of your Page that aren’t connected to your personal Profile won’t see that update.

However, if you post to your Page as your Page and a fan responds, you can then type a response to that person and tag them.

To tag a Friend or Page in a post, follow these steps:

  1. Type the @ symbol in the Status Update box on your Page and then start typing the name of the Friend or Page you want to tag.

    Make sure not to put a space between the @ and the name you type; see how @Amy appears. A list of all your Friends and Pages with that name appears.


  2. Click the correct name or Page name.

    The name you click appears in the status-update box, hyperlinked to that person’s personal Profile or Page.

  3. Finish crafting the message.

    Keep your target audience in mind while writing your message.

  4. Click Share.

    The person or Page sees your message on his or her Timeline and notifications.