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How to Specify Access Settings on Your Business’s Facebook Page

By John Haydon

As a business owner, you will want to secure your public image on Facebook by moderating the language and types of comments that are made, as well as limiting who can access your page, at times. These tips will help you keep your brand image appropriate for your fans.

How to add user limits to your business Facebook Page

You can also choose to prevent users of a specific age or who live in a specific geographic location from seeing your Business Page content. Liquor stores, for example, might want to exclude minors from seeing their Pages. And any company that sells a product banned in specific countries would use this option.

To limit users that can see your Page content, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook and go to your Facebook Page.

  2. Click Edit Page at the top-right of your Admin Panel.

  3. From the drop-down menu, click Manage Permissions.

  4. Select any restrictions you’d like to make:

    • Enter a country in the Country Restrictions text box and select the appropriate check box to hide your Page from this country or to restrict viewing to this country.

    • Select an age group from the Age Restrictions drop-down list.


How to configure your profanity and moderation settings

A common concern that many Page managers have is dealing with disrespectful or hateful commenters. And the fact that all Facebook Pages are public and any Facebook user can comment on your Page makes dealing with this problem even more difficult.

Fortunately, all Facebook Pages have two features to automatically block offensive language and profanity on your Page.

  • Profanity Blocklist: Within the Manage Permissions area of your Page, this option blocks profanity based on your preference. You can set it to None, Medium, or Strong.

  • Moderation Blocklist: This option is also found within the Manage Permissions area of your Facebook Page. A moderation blocklist is simply a list of terms that are not profanity but are still offensive to your specific community. For example the word retard would be offensive to organizations that deal with developmentally delayed adults, but acceptable in relation to classical music, where the term instructs a player to slow down.

You can configure both of these options by selecting Manage Permissions under the Edit Page menu in your Page Admin panel.


If things get out of hand, you can also delete comments posted by Facebook users, and even ban users if they cross the line:

  • Deleting comments: As the Page manager, you have the option to delete any comment you wish. Simply click the X to the right of a comment, click Delete, and select Delete from the pop-up window.

  • Banning users: Some Facebook users might continue to badger your Page even after you delete their comment. In this case, you ban the user by clicking the X to the right of a comment, click Delete, and select Delete and Ban User from the pop-up window.