How to Sign up for TwitterCounter - dummies

By Kyle Lacy

If you are marketing on Twitter, finding out what your followers are doing can give you insights about how to reach them more effectively. TwitterCounter is a website that allows you to generate a graph that gives you an overview of the number of followers you’ve earned in a specific time period. If you want to know how many users started to follow you yesterday, TwitterCounter can help you. You can sign up with TwitterCounter and use it to track your followers, track your competition’s followers, and pinpoint the evangelists among your Twitter followers.

You can easily sign up to use the TwitterCounter service; just follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to TwitterCounter.

    The TwitterCounter websuite opens, displaying a random Twitter user’s stats and graph.

  2. Enter your Twitter name in the blue box that says, “I Am @_______ on Twitter, Show Me my Twitter Stats.”

    The An Application Would Like to Connect to Your Account window appears. This page loads in a pop-up window.

  3. Click the red Show Me button.

  4. Click the Allow button.

    This allows TwitterCounter to pull your Twitter stats automatically every time you return to the site. After you click the button, the pop-up box closes and you are taken to your TwitterCounter Settings page.

    TwitterCounter start screen.

  5. Select the three check boxes on the General Settings tab under your e-mail.

    These check boxes are Email a Weekly Stats Update, Automatically Follow Featured Users, and Count My Retweets.

  6. Click the Save Settings button.

    TwitterCounter saves your settings, and you can now click the My Stats button (at the top of the page) to view your stats.

TwitterCounter helps you track your Twitter stats and compare them to those of your competition. You can compare the number of followers, friends, and updates with as many as two other Twitter users. This information can help your Twitter marketing plan when it comes to tracking the success rate of your followers and your content.

Twitter statistics for a TwitterCounter user.