How to Share Your Visual Social Marketing SlideShare Presentations - dummies

How to Share Your Visual Social Marketing SlideShare Presentations

By Krista Neher

One thing that makes SlideShare extremely powerful for your visual social marketing campaign is that presentations on SlideShare can be shared and displayed on other social networks or websites online. SlideShare integrates with a number of social networks in addition to allowing you to simply share a link to a presentation.

SlideShare makes it easy to share presentations across social networks with the social sharing buttons that appear to the left of the presentation. Using these buttons to share a presentation displays a link to the presentation on the social network you select.

You can also integrate SlideShare with select social media accounts and embed SlideShare presentations in your blog.

How to integrate visual social marketing SlideShare presentations into LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+

SlideShare also offers integration with Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. The integration with these social networks allows SlideShare to post status updates based on your activity on SlideShare. For example, SlideShare may post a status update on Facebook when you upload a presentation, save a presentation, make a comment, like a presentation, or follow a new user.

You can customize which updates you want to share on each social network. Depending on how active you are on SlideShare, you may want to turn off some notifications.

To access the Integration tab, log in to SlideShare, hover the cursor over the arrow in the upper-right corner, and choose the Account Settings option. On the General Settings page, click Sharing. This screen shows which social accounts are integrated with SlideShare (simply click Connect to integrate an account), and you can adjust the settings by clicking on the Settings button.


How to embed visual social marketing SlideShow presentations into your blog or website

SlideShare presentations can be embedded directly into a blog or website so that a website or blog visitor can view your presentation without having to leave your site. Here is an example of how a SlideShare presentation may be displayed in a blog. A blog visitor can simply click on the arrow buttons to scroll through the slides in the presentation, without leaving the web page.


You can embed any presentation on SlideShare into your blog or website — not only the presentations you create.

  1. When viewing a presentation on SlideShare that you want to embed, click the Embed button.

  2. Click the Customize button below the code to customize the display of the embedded presentation.

    From there, you can choose customization options:

    • Without related content: Clicking this button displays the presentation without related content. Related content is typically displayed at the end of viewing a presentation, and it directs the viewer to view other similar presentations.

    • Start from slide number: When embedding a presentation, you can select the starting slide number. Select the slide number from the drop-down list.

    • Size: You can select from four predetermined sizes to embed the presentation into your blog or website. Click on the size that you want to use.

  3. Copy the embed code.

    Copy the code that is generated after you have selected the customization options.

  4. Paste the code into your website to display the presentation.

Sharing SlideShare presentations on your blog or website is a useful way to add visual content to your site. Your website visitors can view the entire presentation directly from your site, without having to click a Download button. Presentations also make inviting blog posts because they can tell a story visually and get readers even more engaged.