How to Share Visual Social Marketing YouTube Videos

By Krista Neher

You can share any video on YouTube, whether it’s one you create or any other visual social marketing video. YouTube videos make appealing content for other social networks.

To share a YouTube video, navigate to the video you want to share. YouTube videos have sharing features built-in to them, which is the easiest way to share.

To share a YouTube video, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Share tab below the video.

    You then receive sharing buttons in Video view.


  2. Click to select the social network you want to share on.

    You see, with only the click of a button, the social networks on which you can share the video. Click on the social network that you want to share on.

  3. Customize the text that you want to accompany the link.

    Customize the text that you want to accompany the link to the YouTube video. Then click the button labeled Share or Post (depending on which network you’re sharing to).

  4. Alternatively, copy the web address.

    If you would prefer to copy the web address of the video to share, you can copy the URL that’s displayed below the Sharing buttons. The advantage of sharing the web address with the link on the sharing page versus the link in your web browser is that you can customize the part of the video where you want to start playing.

In addition to sharing to social networks, you can embed a video by clicking on the Embed tab. Clicking this tab generates code you can use to embed the video into your website or blog. Finally, you can select the third tab and e-mail the video. From there, you can enter the e-mail addresses that you want to send the video to and customize the message.