How to Set Up Your Mobile Phone to Manage Your Facebook Business Page - dummies

How to Set Up Your Mobile Phone to Manage Your Facebook Business Page

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Facebook understands that you may need your phone to post an update to your business Page. If you don’t have your laptop or you’re on the go and need to share something with your fans, you can use your smartphone.

Return to your Page’s Admin panel. Click Edit Page and then click Update Info. From the left menu, choose Mobile. Currently, you have four Mobile options:

  • With Mobile Email: This option gives you the information you need to upload photos or post updates from your mobile e-mail account. Each Page can have its own Facebook e-mail address, which Facebook creates for you automatically. You can use this address to send e-mails that will post on your Page.

    If you want Facebook to send this e-mail address to you in an e-mail, click the Learn More button. This new interface lets you choose to have the e-mail sent to the e-mail address of your choice or to your phone. It also lets you refresh the e-mail to create a new one. You can refresh your e-mail only a few times.


    When you have the e-mail address in place and want to upload a photo, e-mail the photo to this address, and include a caption in the e-mail’s Subject line. To update your status, write in the e-mail Subject line and leave the e-mail body blank.

  • With Mobile web: This option reminds you how to find your Page when you’re using a mobile browser. Having a username set up simplifies this process.

  • With the iPhone: Facebook continues to update its official app for all iOS devices. If you want to post directly to your Page, it might be better to use the Pages app Facebook developed instead of trying to create a bookmark on your phone, as Facebook suggests in the text currently on this Mobile tab. As with all things Facebook, this might change at any moment.

If you have a smartphone with a Facebook app, it’s probably easier just to open the app and post a status update inside the app. If you have an administrative team that will be posting to your Page, make sure that the team members get the mobile e-mail address.