How to Set Up a Deal For Your Business in Facebook Places - dummies

How to Set Up a Deal For Your Business in Facebook Places

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

There’s no cost to set up a Facebook check-in deal for your business. This can be a good way to drive traffic to your Facebook Page. Here are the simple steps to create an active offer:

  1. Go to your business’s claimed Facebook Place or if you have combined your Page and Place, go to your combined account.

    Deals can be created only on claimed Places, so make sure to claim your Place right away.

  2. Click Edit Page in the top dash of the Page.

    You see a drop-down menu. Click Manage Permissions in the list of options. You see a page with multiple options in the left column.

  3. Click Deals in the left column.

    You’re taken to the Check-in Deals dashboard.

  4. Click Create a Check-In Deal for This Page.

    You see the four types of Deals: Individual, Friend, Loyalty, and Charity.

  5. Click the deal you want to create.

    You see two sections where you need to fill in offer details.

  6. In the Deal Summary section, enter your offer.

    You might enter something like 25% off when you spend $50 or more. You have a 50-character limit for your summary, so choose your words wisely.

  7. In the How To Claim section, enter instructions for claiming the deal.

    You have just 100 characters, so be brief. You might enter something like Show this offer on your mobile device at check-out to redeem your deal.

  8. Specify how many check-ins are required before the customer can claim the deal.

    The number of check-ins applies only if you’re creating a loyalty deal.

  9. Specify the duration of your deal by choosing a start and end date and time.

  10. Choose the deal quantity.

    Make sure to choose a quantity that you’ll be able to fulfill. If you don’t deliver on your offer, you could have many angry customers expressing their frustration on Facebook and other social networking sites. This exposure isn’t the kind of exposure you want!

  11. Decide how many times a customer can claim this deal.

    You can choose Claimable Once Per User or Claimable Once Every 24 Hours Per User.

  12. Click Save to submit your deal for review.

    All deals are subject to review within 48 hours. And deals that Facebook considers low-quality deals can be rejected or pulled from Facebook at any time. Be sure your offer shows an obvious value to your customer and is relevant and appropriate to your audience.

After submitting your deal, you receive a message that confirms your deal’s start and end dates, as well as information on best practices to help you prepare your business to run the deal, such as ideas for promoting your deal and making sure that you have enough supplies on hand if you’re doing a giveaway.

When your deal is approved, you can begin promoting it by posting a status update on your Facebook Page or Place.

Train your employees on all the specifics of tracking and honoring your deals. You want to make sure that all employees have all the details of the offer, including what the offer is, how many items you intend to give out, and your specific terms and conditions. If your employees are well trained, your Facebook deal strategy can be executed flawlessly.