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How to Set Up a Company Page on Google+

By Jesse Stay

If you’re prepared for your Google+ Page, you’re ready to set one up for your own use. A company page will differ from a personal Google+ page, so it’s a good idea to have a separate one for your brand. Start by following these steps:

  1. Create a Google+ Page.

    You can create a page in either of two ways:

Here are a few examples of how companies have used their Google+ Business page to their advantage:

Intel has used Google+ in a very effective way. On Intel’s Google+ Page, the company has a series of animated graphics labeled with different topics. The GIF for each topic rotates, prompting the user to +1 that particular topic. When a user +1’s a topic, Intel adds the user to a circle related to that topic.

Intel then creates special content just for those subscribers and targets updates to those circles. Those users will always get content that’s interesting to them.

You need to add Intel to a circle of your own first if you want Intel to add you to the circle attached to the GIF you just liked. If you like what you see, you might also want to check out the Google+ Page for Lowe’s Home Improvement. Lowe’s is using a similar approach to get fans subscribing to their favorite content.


  1. Pick a category.

    You’ll see categories:

    • Local Business or Place

    • Product or Brand

    • Company, Institution, or Organization

    • Arts, Entertainment, or Sports

    • Other

  2. Fill out the relevant information for your Google+ Page.

    If it’s a product or brand, select the following:

    • Page name

    • A website for your product or brand (optional)

    • An additional category (from the list in Step 2)

    • The age range your page is suitable for


  3. Read the terms and check the box confirming you’ve read them.

    Reading terms and conditions for social networks is very important. You need to know

    • How the network can use your data

    • When it can delete your data

    • Whether that data actually gets deleted

    • What might get your account suspended

    When in doubt, consult a lawyer. You need to be sure that the content you share does not put your brand in jeopardy under the terms that Google set forth — and you agreed to — when you created your Google+ Page.

  4. Fill out your page’s public profile.

    Complete your tagline and select the profile photo. The tagline is proven to be used by Google+ search to identify keywords that people might be searching for.

    Start your tagline with the most important keywords first.

  5. Share your page with the world.

    Post a status update and make it public by choosing the Public circle. Or click Finish so you can wait to post.