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How to Set Up a Blog Tour to Promote Your Facebook Contest

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

A blog tour is a fantastic way to get exposure to a whole new audience, but it does take some planning and legwork. One way to kick off a blog tour is to contact bloggers and ask whether you can write a guest post or whether they can post about your contest.

Some blogs are single-voice blogs, meaning that only the original author writes posts, and the blog doesn’t have guest posts. Other blogs welcome guest posters, as they give the blogger a short respite from pumping out content.

Figuring out which type of blog you’re approaching isn’t difficult. Just take a look through the posts, and look at the author bylines. If the posts never show a guest poster or an author bio for someone other than the blog owner, you can safely assume that it’s a single-voice blog.

When you contact bloggers to ask about promoting your contest, either through a guest post by you or by mentioning it themselves, contact them at least a month in advance so that they have plenty of time to respond.

In the following ways, you can find blogs that are a good fit for your message:

  • Research blogs to contact, and have a list of blogs that would be a good fit for your message.

    You can also start with bloggers you know and have relationships with. Often, these bloggers are very receptive to a guest post. A good guideline is to approach bloggers who have complementary businesses with yours and aren’t direct competitors. If you have a graphic-design business and are giving away your services, for example, you may want to look at blogs about business or marketing.

  • Perform keyword-based blog searches on the following sites:

  • Familiarize yourself with the styles of bloggers.

    Make a short list (or a long one, if you’re ambitious) of the bloggers you want to approach about a guest post. Poke around on their blogs, and get to know the styles of the bloggers. You might even comment on some posts before approaching the bloggers.

  • Prepare an introductory e-mail about what you’d like to post about, and describe how it can help the bloggers’ audiences.

    It’s best if you can offer valuable content that can help the bloggers’ readers, in addition to getting those readers to sign up for your contest. Because everyone loves a contest, most bloggers will be receptive to having you encourage contest entries.

  • Schedule your blog tour so that it coincides with the time when your contest is live and you can promote your guest posts properly.

    Then you need to create the content for the blog tour. Get your guest post to the bloggers with ample time for them to review it and suggest any changes.

  • When the guest post is live, make sure that you’re doing all you can to promote it.

    You want to help bring traffic to the blog, as well as to promote your content and encourage contest entries. Tweet about the guest post, post it to your Facebook Page, update your status in LinkedIn, and send it to your e-mail list if appropriate.