How to Schedule Posts to Market with Facebook - dummies

How to Schedule Posts to Market with Facebook

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Facebook allows you to schedule posts in the future or to add posts to the past. This can be used as a marketing strategy. Currently, you can schedule only status updates (with or without links in them), photos, and videos.

You can’t schedule Event postings, Questions, Offers, or postings of Photo albums. You also cannot schedule a post that you are sharing from another Facebook Page. If you find a great post or image from another Page that you follow, and you want to use the Share button, you cannot schedule the post to be shared later — you have to share it immediately.

To schedule a post, just follow these steps:

  1. Complete your post just as you would if you were to post it immediately.

  2. Click the clock symbol in the bottom-left corner of the Publisher.

    The Date drop-down menus appear, where you can specify details exactly when you want to have the post scheduled.


  3. Add the year, month, day, and time that you would like the post to be published.

  4. Click the blue Post button to schedule your post.

Your post is scheduled. To view the post, check your Activity Log, which you access from your Admin Panel. Click the Edit Page button, and choose Use Activity Log from the drop-down menu. You see your scheduled posts.


From here, you can delete your scheduled posts by mousing over the upper-right corner area of your post and clicking the X that appears. But you cannot edit your scheduled post. If you need to change anything, you need to repeat the preceding steps and reschedule the post.

You can also post an Event directly from the Publisher. A word of caution, however: Every time you use the Event option to publish, you’re creating a brand-new Facebook Event. To create a new Event from the Publisher, just click the Event, Milestone + icon (or the Offer, Event + icon, depending on what you have). A pop-up window appears; you can create your Event in this window.