How to Register Your Blog with NetworkedBlogs on Facebook - dummies

How to Register Your Blog with NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

NetworkedBlogs is the most popular method of importing your blog posts into your Facebook business Page automatically. You import your blog into both your Page and your personal Profile. After you import your blog, a tab appears on your Page that contains your previous posts for people to reference.


Clicking one of these links takes a viewer directly to that blog post. Each post is also posted on your Timeline automatically (if you choose automatic posting). The first few lines of the blog post, as well as a picture from the post, are pulled in automatically. You can tell where the post came from by the note below it (“via NetworkedBlogs”).


If you don’t have a picture embedded in your post, the NetworkedBlogs application displays a screen shot of your whole blog as the thumbnail picture next to your Timeline post.

The NetworkedBlogs application can be a little tricky to navigate, but it has a good frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that can help you through the process. Your first step is to register your blog by following these steps:

  1. Log into Facebook as your personal Profile.

  2. Go to NetworkedBlogs application page, and click Log In.

    You may have to click Log In with Facebook one more time in a pop-up window.

    This page is actually outside Facebook. You may also have to click through a couple of pages that ask you to follow some initial blogs. You do not have to do this, and you can click Next at the bottom of the Page.

  3. Click the Register a Blog link at the top of the page.

    A new page appears.

  4. Enter the home page of the blog, and click Next.

    You’re taken to a page where you fill in the information about your blog.


    The starred items in are mandatory; everything else is optional. You can edit any of this information later. Use these tips for filling in this information:

    • Blog Link: The link to the home page of the blog.

    • Blog Name: The title of your blog. Keep it short.

    • Tagline: A little more space to tell people what your blog is about.

    • Feed Link: The RSS feed link for your blog (refer to “Getting the Address of Your RSS Feed,” earlier in this chapter).

    • Topics: Three keywords that indicate what your blog is about. These keywords can be any keywords that people who use the NetworkedBlogs app might use in searching for blogs that they’re interested in.

    • Language: The language your blog is written in.

    • Description: A description of your blog. What you enter here shows up in the NetworkedBlogs directory, so make it interesting, and tell people why they’d want to read your blog.

    • Your E-mail: For Networked Blogs verification. You don’t receive e-mail from NetworkedBlogs.

    • Terms of Service: An agreement that the blog doesn’t contain nudity or other adult content.

  5. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

    A new screen appears, asking whether you’re the author of the blog for which you just entered information.

  6. Click the Yes button.

    Another screen appears; this one determines which method you want to use to verify that you’re the owner of your blog.

  7. Choose which method you want to use to verify your ownership of the blog: Ask Friends to Verify You or Install the Widget.

    You can have your Facebook Friends verify that you own the blog; if you select that option, you can select nine Friends and send the request for verification to them. The problem with this option is that not everyone sees that request in his or her notifications, so your verification can take a long time. The better option is to use the widget to verify ownership, if you can.