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How to Recognize and Block a Twitter Spam Account

By Kyle Lacy

As your Twitter marketing campaign grows you will want keep track of the people who start following you. That way you can block people who generate spam. If you have your account set up to send you New Follower e-mails, just follow these steps to block undesirable twitterers:

  1. When you receive an e-mail notification that someone has started following you, click the link in the notification e-mail to go to that person’s Twitter page.

    If you disable notifications, you have to periodically go through your list of followers by clicking the Followers link in your account, and then clicking each person’s Twitter name to access his or her Twitter page.

  2. Quickly read the person’s bio, read his or her past tweets, and evaluate the url in the link to his or her Web site to see whether they’re spammy in nature. If the account employs a url-shortener such as to mask the url, you can use various browser plugins to show the full url without clicking on it. In general, you should not click on questionable links, as doing so can expose you to malware and phishing websites.

    Spam on Twitter looks a lot like spam sent through e-mail; it includes get-rich-quick schemes, products that enhance certain body parts, porn, and so on.

  3. If the follower seems spammy, click the Block link within the Actions box.

    The Actions box is at the top of the Twitter page under the bio. The button looks like a gear with an arrow pointing down. Click the gear and choose Block.

  4. If the account is blocked, the green Following button will change to a Blocked button.

    If you would like to undo your decision to block the account, just click the Undo button.

If your new Twitter follower is following several hundred people, has fewer than a hundred followers, and has sent out absolutely no tweets, watch out. He or she is either building up a fake Twitter identity or setting up one to use with a get-followers-fast system. In either case, you probably aren’t going to get much value out of this person as a follower, so block him or her.

A twitter spam account.

Block users who follow hundreds of people, have few followers, and send out no tweets.

If you find a particularly egregious spammer, report the account by following these steps:

  1. Go to Twitter spam reporting and follow the @spam account.

    @spam follows you back shortly. The @spam account is Twitter’s spam-reporting account.

  2. After @spam follows you, send that account a direct message that includes the spammer’s username.

    Sending a direct message to @spam gives you a way to report spammers without tipping them off that you just ratted them out.

    The Twitter authorities now block the account that was flagged for spam. If the account is verified as spam, the user is automatically deleted.

Do not retweet the entire message a spammer sends when DMing the @spam account. You could be flagged and deleted right along with the disgusting spammer!