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How to Publish and Share on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Jesse Stay

Web marketers need to realize the value of publishing and sharing with Google+. When a user is in an environment surrounded by friends and family, the natural inclination is to share. You make that process simple for your users by using tools that Google+ provides:

  • Use the +1 and Share buttons. Google+ provides both a +1 and a Share button. The +1 button is suggested because it kills two birds with one stone: Immediately after users click the +1 button for products and articles they like on your website or app, they’re prompted with the opportunity to share that link with their friends on Google+.

    With these buttons that Google provides, you can use Google’s own interface and methods for sharing straight to Google+ — with very little integration on your part. Just copy and paste, and you’re done.

  • Give users an opportunity to automate sharing through Google+ History. This feature is just on the verge of being launched, but another approach you should consider is to find actions that can be automatically shared to a user’s Google+ History tab on Google+.

    If a user is reading an article, prompt him or her to send it automatically to Google+ History. If the user is purchasing things, give him or her the opportunity to share the purchase information to Google History after every future purchase.

    Every post to Google+ History remains private until the user opts to share it to his or her circles. Thus the user incurs no risk of intrusion by the app developer and can afford to share a little more detail when the time is right. No surprises will be spoiled with Google+ History.

  • Consider publishing for users. With approval, Google+ is giving select developers access to publish on behalf of users to the users’ news feeds on Google+. Right now this feature is limited to enterprise-level and business social media clients such as HootSuite, Hearsay Social, and Omniture’s Context Optional.

    Google+ may limit this capability to such businesslike uses, but consider whether you have a legitimate use case that you think Google+ should approve. If you get that approval, being able to publish on behalf of your users is a powerful way to enable sharing from a website or app. It’s a limited capability just now, but that may change.