How to Promote Your Facebook Page - dummies

By John Haydon

You have several options available to you for promoting your Facebook Page. It wouldn’t be much help to you as a marketing tool if no one knows about it. So, make sure you get the word out.

Promote your Facebook Page in your store

When people visit your business and have a positive experience, they naturally want to share that experience with their friends (and this type of word-of-mouth advertising has been going on for eons). When you launch your Facebook Page, promote it in your store.

If people check in to your place on their mobile devices, those posts provide additional exposure for your business in their News Feeds. As an example of using an in-store promotion to promote a Facebook Page, the cashiers at iParty (a party-supply store) handed out bingo cards to customers before Halloween, which drove in-store traffic to a daily drawing on its Facebook Page.

Use Facebook’s downloadable signs to promote your Facebook presence in your store.


Promote your Facebook Page by using Facebook ads

One way to acquire Facebook fans is to use Facebook Page Like Ads to promote your Page to the friends of your existing fans.

These ads appear in the sidebar on Facebook and in the News Feeds of Facebook users. The powerful aspect of these ads is that they leverage the social graph — the Facebook network of friends.

Facebook Ads are different from traditional online ads or Google ads in four ways:

  • They can target friends of your current fans to take advantage of the idea that “birds of a feather flock together.”

  • A user’s friends who have already liked your Page are displayed this way: “John, Bill, and Barbara like the National Wildlife Federation.” Facebook users are more likely to take action when they see that their friends have already taken that action.

  • Users can like the Page directly in the Sponsored Story. This setup eliminates any potential abandonment that may occur when people click a link to visit your Page and then decide not to like it.

  • The names of new fans are displayed in the Likes report within Facebook Insights so that you see how these Sponsored Story ads compare with other methods of acquiring fans.

Promote your Facebook Page by using an integrated approach

In the typical business or nonprofit organization, the marketing communications include various channels, such as direct mail, email, social media, traditional public relations, print assets, and online and offline advertising. Using these methods shows that your business or organization has made an effort to embrace a wide variety of channels, hoping to engage people from every angle.

As you may have already experienced, the results from any single promotional channel or approach are much less significant than the results from an integrated approach, in which all channels are combined into a single communications plan. To start creating an integrated plan, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do people typically find out about my business or nonprofit? (From a Facebook friend? From searching on Google? From a road sign? From a newspaper ad?)

  • What is the next step for someone to take with my business after becoming a Facebook fan? (Joining an email list? Redeeming a coupon in my store?)

  • Where do people usually begin their relationship with my business? (Searching? Joining my email list?)

  • Which channel do most of my new customers join? (Email? Direct mail?)

  • How can my customers easily tell their Facebook friends about a new purchase?

  • Where do I have a lot of natural attention? (In my store? At events and conferences?)

After you’ve jotted down a few ideas, use the answers to these questions to start mapping a way for all your channels to work together as a whole.