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How to Promote Your Business with Your Facebook Page

By Carolyn Abram

After completing the previously described steps, you’ll be looking at a fairly empty Page Timeline. If the idea of filling it up with posts gets your blood pumping, read on. If you need to take a break, you’ll want to know how to get back to the Page.

The Timeline

If you have a personal Timeline, your Page’s Timeline will feel very familiar; it’s the virtual scrapbook of posts you’ve added to Facebook.People are going to want to hear from you and learn about you, and the place they go to do so is your Timeline.

Check out the Timeline for George Takei of Star Trek fame to get a feel for how a Page can use its Timeline to engage its fans.


As a Page admin, the most important part of the Timeline for you to understand is the Share box. The Share box is where you and your fans create the posts that populate your Page.


The most basic post you can make is a status update, a short message letting people know what’s going on, what you’re up to, thinking about, and so on. To write a status update, follow these steps:

  1. Click in Share box.

  2. Type your update.

  3. (Optional) Target your update by clicking the cross-hair icon to the left of the Post button.

    Status updates you make from your personal Timeline have privacy rules about who can and can’t see them. Status updates you make as a Page have targeting — limitations for who can see which posts. By default, everyone can see all posts, but you can control who can see your posts in their News Feeds from the drop-down menu.


    Keep your eye on the Targeted To number to the right. As you adjust targeting, this number changes to show you how many fans you’ll theoretically be able to reach with those settings.

  4. Click Post.

    The post you’ve created appears on the Page’s Timeline and in your fans’ News Feeds.

In addition to posting status updates, you can post photos, links, videos, and events to your fans.

By default, people who have liked your Page can post on your Timeline and like and comment on your posts. This is a chance to engage with your customers and fans.


Use the Photos application to post images and albums for your fans to enjoy:

  • If you own a restaurant, you may want to take photos of your most popular dishes, creating one album for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner.

  • Bands might publish albums from their various concerts and events.

  • Brands might use photos to show people engaging with their products.

Add photos by clicking the Photo/Video link in the Share box and selecting a photo from your computer to upload.

If you choose to, you can allow fans to add photos to your Page (you can do this from the Manage Permissions tab of the Edit Settings screen). These photos are shown in a separate section from the photos you add, which helps viewers distinguish between the content you’re adding to your Page and what your fans add.


You can upload videos to your Page. For example, a coffee shop might show a video of a barista making latte art and a movie theater might show a trailer for an upcoming film. It’s a great way to put a human face on a brand. You can add videos by clicking the Photo/Video link in the Share box, and selecting a video to upload from your computer.


If you ever host an event for your business, you’ll get a ton of value from using Facebook Events. Stores create events for their big sales, comedians create events for their shows, and clubs create events for their special-party nights. To create an event, click Event, Milestone + or Offer, Event + in the Share box.

The Create New Event window appears. Fill in the Event info and click Create. Head on over to the event’s page to invite your friends and add an event photo. Events you create for your Page are Public by default, meaning anyone can see and join the event.

Other Posts: Milestone, Offer, Question

Pages can use three other types of posts. You may find yourself using these posts less often, but they can provide a lot of value and engagement when used strategically:

  • Milestones appear larger than other posts in the Timeline and highlight a date or event that’s important to your business.

  • Offers let you to reward fans with in-store and online promotions.

  • Questions are helpful for quickly gauging customer feedback by allowing you to create a poll.

With all your posting, you may have noticed a clock icon among the other icons in the Share box. Clicking this icon allows you to schedule a post up to six months in advance.


Photos, Events, and Notes are applications that Facebook has built to integrate with Pages and Timelines alike. But what about specific features for specific types of Pages and specific needs? Well, as they say, there’s an app for that. Facebook has the capability to integrate with applications built by developers outside of Facebook.

When you find an app you want to use on your Page, follow these steps to start using it:

  1. Search for the app’s name in the blue bar and click on the correct result.

    Select the result that reads App Page underneath the name of the app. This takes you to the App Page.

  2. From the App Page, click the gear icon and choose Add App to Page from the drop-down menu.

    The Add Page Tab window appears.

  3. If you are the admin for more than one Page, choose which one you’d like to add the app to.

  4. Click the Add Page Tab button.

Not all apps work on Pages.