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How to Promote Your Business with Visual Social Marketing on YouTube

By Krista Neher

YouTube is a huge opportunity for any business to use visual social marketing because it can generate a large number of views of your videos. If you create a video for marketing purposes, always be sure to post it on YouTube, the number-one video sharing site. Millions of consumers go to YouTube when they’re looking for information, entertainment, or instruction.

Businesses are benefiting from YouTube in a number of ways, such as the ones described in the following list. Businesses can

  • Build awareness with interesting videos: Many businesses use YouTube to build awareness for their products or services. Because millions of people are on YouTube, it’s a natural fit to get your business in front of people’s eyeballs.

  • Showcase products: Businesses can use YouTube videos to show employees behind the scenes or to demonstrate what they can truly expect when they buy their products or services. Consider YouTube videos a part of your strategy to showcase your products in a relevant way.

  • Educate customers or prospects: YouTube is full of educational videos about products and services. After recently using a new application, you may struggle to figure out how to do something. A quick search on YouTube generated hundreds of videos to show you how to do what you are looking for. Educational and how-to videos are absorbing ways to educate your customers or prospects.

  • Share commercials and other video footage: YouTube is a good place to share video content because it’s easy to search. Many businesses share their commercials on YouTube — not because they think that people want to watch them, but as a resource for those who want to reference or share them.

  • Host to share videos on other websites or social networks: YouTube is a helpful source for uploading videos because they’re easy to share and embed on social networks. If you want to share your video on sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you first have to upload videos to YouTube because none of these social networks lets you upload videos directly to their sites.

    Even if you don’t think that people on YouTube will want to watch your videos, hosting the video on YouTube makes it easier for people to post and share them.

YouTube can even generate sales and leads for your business, even if it markets primarily to other businesses. For example, employees at the company, Boot Camp Digital, upload videos about social media training topics. The videos, which are optimized for searches on YouTube, often appear in recommended searches. Though the company doesn’t yet have professional equipment, they use a lighting kit and green screen. (Each item costs about $100.)

The company received a call from a large, multinational corporation looking to create a social media training program for its employees. While someone from the company looked at videos about organizational social media training programs, one of the videos showed up as a recommended video. After watching the video and then searching for the company’s website, to learn more about our business, someone contacted Noot Camp Digital for a proposal.

Share videos related to what you do — you may be surprised at who is searching and browsing on YouTube. By sharing good videos about what you do in a way that presents your business well, you can generate a new, high-quality lead for your business.