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How to Prepare Your Employees for Social Media Networking

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

A great social media campaign can be damaged if your employees are not given the information they need to support it. How often have you had a store employee say to you, “I don’t know anything about that promotion. They never tell us anything”? It seems like it would be obvious, but in the whirl of planning and executing, managers often leave out the staff completely.

If you are planning a social media campaign, you must make sure that everyone on staff supports the effort. Following are some important issues you must equip your employees to understand:

  • The real value that consumers place on your products.

    Reality can sometimes be in limited supply when managers plan their SMM promotions. It’s important to know the real value that customers place on your products, not the value you hope for. Social media tools allow you to get direct feedback and reviews from your customers.

    In order to plan effectively, your staff members need to know what they will encounter when customers talk back. Make sure that someone who has been on the front lines (such as a member of the customer service staff) is part of the team.

  • The intellectual property hidden inside your business to create products and services:

    Some managers wonder why their employees are not more innovative. The answer may be simple. Innovation is not prized or rewarded in their company. Sometimes it’s intentional. Most often it’s not. Your staff has the opportunity to determine which website content your customers respond to

    For example, if they find that customers are remarking about a multimedia video on a particular topic, they need to bring that up at meetings where creative solutions are welcomed. It could effect changes in your products and help build your social media influence.

  • Who your real competitors are:

    It’s easy to wear blinders when you’re working on SMM campaigns. You are so focused on your own product that you can forget that the competition is everyone whom your customers can turn to for advice, training, education, and entertainment about the topic. When customers are not limited by geography or time zone, their choices open up. Develop a full list of competitors that everyone can monitor.