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How to Optimize Your Company Google+ Posts for Search

By Jesse Stay

You’ll benefit from optimizing the posts you make on your page. This is an ongoing process, and you’ll want to constantly test the success of your posts.

Make sure you’re not just testing your posts for comments and +1s, but also for the Google+ rank that your posts attain among individual users’ friends. This approach can be tricky, but with a little experience you’ll become a pro at it. Here are a few tips for optimizing your posts on Google+:

  • Use keywords you want people to find you by, even when no link is present. Make sure the keywords you want to rank for are listed in your posts. Focus on creative ways to do this without making it obvious. Keep your posts personal while focusing on search as much as you can. Always remember that people come first on Google+; don’t neglect that.

  • Engage your followers as much as you can. The more you can get your followers to +1, comment, and share your posts, the better you’ll rank on Google search.

  • Encourage fans to +1 you on as well. A good Google+ strategy involves some training as well. Don’t be afraid to encourage your followers to +1 your site’s returned articles from searches on Google as well.


Your fans can find all the articles on your site by doing a Google search for This will return a list of every page on your site that Google has indexed. Encourage your fans to go through this list and +1 their favorites. If it moves you, ask them to share the pages that move them. But be sure to measure their response.