How to Network with Friends to Launch Your Facebook Page - dummies

How to Network with Friends to Launch Your Facebook Page

By John Haydon

One challenge of launching a brand-new Facebook Page is users’ lack of awareness of your Page within Facebook. Often, the first step that many administrators take in launching their Pages is leveraging their existing networks of friends, such as personal connections developed via email and personal Facebook profiles.

Encouraging your friends to share your Page with their friends

The Share button, which appears at the bottom right of the cover image on every Facebook Page, lets people invite their Facebook friends to check out your Page.

Follow these steps to post an update about your Page to your Timeline:

  1. Click the Share link on the right side of the Page.

    The Share This Page dialog box appears.

  2. Write a compelling message about your Page.

    Though the message can be as long as you’d like, keep it short and sweet. Be sure to add a call to action, such as “Share this Page with your friends!”

  3. Click the Share link.

    A story is published in the News Feeds of many of your friends and on your personal Timeline.


Promoting your Page to friends with the Invite feature

People who have become friends with you on Facebook may not realize that you’ve set up a Page specifically for your business. Facebook makes it easy for you, as a Page admin, to let people in on the good news. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Invite Friends link below the Build Audience menu in the admin panel of your Page.

    The Invite Friends dialog box appears.


  2. Scroll through your friends’ pictures and click the Invite button of each person you want to invite, or type a friend’s name in the Search All Friends box at the top to find a specific friend quickly.

    You can narrow the results by using the Recent Interactions drop-down menu to sort by network, location, or recent interaction.

  3. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the dialog box.

    The Success dialog box appears, letting you know that your recommendations have been sent. Get ready for all the new likes to roll in!

People to whom you promote your Page who aren’t already Facebook members must join Facebook to be able to like or comment on your Page.

Tagging photos to promote your Page to your friends

Tagging (identifying and labeling the name of) an individual fan in photos, videos, or notes links that person directly to your Page. When you tag someone, the person who’s tagged receives a Facebook notification, an email notification, or both, depending on her profile settings. That user has the option to approve the tag.

You can only tag Facebook users when logged in as your profile, not your Page. Also, being able to tag specific Facebook users depends mostly on how their own privacy settings are configured. To tag Pages in a photo or video, log in as your Page by following these steps:

  1. Click the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the page.

    The Use Facebook As drop-down menu appears, displaying all the Pages you manage.

  2. Choose the Page that you want to log in as.

    When you’re logged in as your Page, you can tag Pages that you’ve liked, but not profiles in photos and videos that you’ve posted on your Timeline.

To tag a user in a photo or video, log in as a profile, visit the photo or video, and then follow these steps:

  1. Click the Tag Photo (or Video) button to the right of the image.

    The cursor turns into a plus sign (+) if you’re tagging a photo. The tagging field opens below the description if you’re tagging a video.

  2. Click the photo to begin tagging.

    A box appears below the cursor, where you can start typing the name of a friend or a Page (if you’re logged in as a Page). To tag a video, skip to Step 3.

  3. Enter the name of the friend or Page in the tagging fields.


Take as many photos as possible at in-person events, and shoot as many videos as you can so that you can post and tag them accordingly.

You can obtain a suitable photo to include on your Page by conducting a promotion to find the most creative use of your products. Then take a photo of the winner with your company’s CEO and tag the winner in the photo on Facebook.

You can only tag Facebook users as a person using a personal Timeline. You cannot tag users when logged in as a Page. When you tag a user in a photo, that person can hide the photo from his Timeline by clicking the Remove Tag link next to the profile name.