How to Monitor Page Traffic with the Facebook Insights Visits Report - dummies

How to Monitor Page Traffic with the Facebook Insights Visits Report

By John Haydon

The Visits report within Facebook Insights shows you how many Facebook users have visited your Page’s Timeline and tabs. It also shows you the number of posts on your Page and the number of mentions, as well as the top external referrers.

To view the Visits report, click the Visits tab within Facebook Insights.


You can select a date range to analyze. Also, as in most Insights reports, you can compare current performance against performance in previous periods.

Below the date range are two sections:

  • Page and Tab Visits: This section shows the number of times each of your Page tabs was viewed each day during the period specified. You can also benchmark the performance of each tab, compared to the previous period.

    It’s important to understand that the Page Views option includes people who have viewed your Page more than once; the Unique Visitors option doesn’t. If John Smith visits your Facebook Page three times in one day, you’d have three Page views but only one visitor.

  • External Referrers: This section lists the top external websites (external to Facebook) that send visitors to your Facebook Page. You can compare websites’ performance with the previous period to see whether they’re sending more traffic or less traffic. Chances are that you’re already familiar with these websites. If not, explore the benefits of partnering with them in some way, such as guest blogging.