How to Manage and Analyze Twitter Data with Twitalyzer - dummies

How to Manage and Analyze Twitter Data with Twitalyzer

By Kyle Lacy

Twitalyzer is one of the Web-based tools that allow you to automate, export, and manage your Twitter data and analytics to measure effectiveness. The information you obtain from Twitalyzer is not overwhelming. Twitalyzer is a free (with a paid-subscription model) analytics tool that gives you the ability to research detailed information on things like Twitter account impact, engagement, clout, and velocity of branded individual Twitter accounts.

Twitalyzer user page.

Twitalyzer offers the following content:

  • integration: Why plug into the system? You can see how many clicks a tweet received from different accounts or your personal Twitter account!

  • Comparing accounts: Twitalyzer will give you different users that compare or have better impact scores to see areas that you can improve upon.

  • Retweet level: This option basically means that you will be given the scores and stats on who is your top retweeter and who is the biggest influencer of your content.

    Twitalyzer analyzes an user's network through their engagement and participation.

  • Location reports: The location gives you a report on where your more recent conversations were located, whether in Las Vegas or Bangladesh.

  • Impact of network: Twitalyzer can track your recent conversations and measure each user by level of impact.

    Twitalyzer's network map.

Twitalyzer also has a paid subscription service that allows you to automate and export data from the account to better service your analytic needs. Three types of payment options exist, from $9.99 to $199.99 a month, which is based on a pay-by-month system. Some of the services offered through the paid subscription service are as follows:

  • Automatic daily updates: You have no reason to go back to Twitalyzer to update your scoring. The automatic daily updates process twice a day for maximum efficiency. They also send you updates via e-mail about your scores and influence.

  • Phone support: This is an exciting feature of the Twitalyzer pro accounts. You have access to the Twitalyzer teams 12 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a problem with data associated with your account, just give the folks a call and verify.

  • Full data export: All the subscription and information you receive from Twitalyzer can be updated and exported to a .csv file or Excel spreadsheet.

    Twitalyzer subscriptions menu.

It is encouraging to view statistics and analytics that can help you better your use of Twitter. Twitalyzer also has a 50-page report that helps a user understand the different metrics within the system.