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How to Lure Your Existing Audience to Your Company Google+ Page

By Jesse Stay

You’ve probably already established an audience elsewhere — and that can be a great place to promote and alert your existing audience of your Google+ presence. There may be some benefits, too, such as increasing your Google search ranking to getting your existing customers using the service, so think about how promoting Google+ to your customers can help your positioning.

Target your Google+ audience through SEO

Just using Google+ will naturally promote your brand to your audience. Using the following tips will put your brand in the Google Search Plus Your World results — and your audience will naturally learn about your presence on Google+ — so long as they’re already Google users.

You may want to spend some time optimizing your presence on Google+ so that improving your search ranking on Google happens automatically:

  • Adding +1 buttons throughout your site. Every +1 naturally increases the ranking of your site when the friends of your audience add to your shares and +1s. As their friends use your site, they’ll naturally see your site in search results. It also encourages users to talk about your site on their own Google+ profiles.

  • Creating a Google+ Page and adding a Google+ Badge that links to that page. Having the Badge on your website makes it obvious that you’re on Google+. As your audience adds your page to their circles, other people will see your page in their circles. Badges also provides an opportunity for your Google+ Page to appear as a circle option when your website appears in Google search results.

  • Adding authors to the content on your site and linking those authors to Google+ profiles. As your users and customers search Google for content related to your site, your content appears more prominent — if you’ve linked the content to the content’s authors. If you have, each author’s face appears next to the search result. Several studies have shown tha content ranks higher because of this added level of authenticity.

  • Simple ads through AdWords targeting specific search terms. As a last resort, you can create ads that target specific search terms to make your Google+ Page appear to those who are searching for those. For example, targeting the keyword android produces an ad linking to your Google+ Page for the Google Galaxy Nexus. This is a simple way to ensure that your Google+ Page shows up at the top.


Cross-promote from outside channels on Google+

Cross-promoting from your existing channels is always the best way to bring awareness to your Google+ presence or Google+ Page. Be sure you have a Google+ Badge and +1 buttons on your website as a start.

Here are a few good ways to get your audience excited about your new Google+ Page:

  • Don’t be afraid to mention on Facebook or Twitter that you have a Google+ presence. The minute you create a Google+ Page, tell your Facebook and Twitter followers to come circle you over there. Chances are many of them already have Google+ accounts. You just gave them a reason to come and start using it more.

  • Include links on your existing social network profiles. In the About, Links, or Info sections of your varying social networking profiles, include links to your Google+ Page as well. This section can be one of the first places people look to know you better.

  • Promote Google+ Hangouts on your other social networks, too. Hangouts are a unique Google+ feature and strength. Hangouts can help get your other social network audiences using Google+ more, which can help your search rankings.

    Be sure to share your Google+ Hangout (s) on each social network.

  • Freely share links of interesting Google+ conversations, especially when they’re directly related to Google+. Don’t hesitate to get a post’s permalink and share it on other social networks. Some users may choose not to click through, but the people who have Google+ accounts will come look (and will, with any luck, participate).

  • Build campaigns that focus on Google+ strengths. Getting your customers and users on Google+ can mean a higher search engine ranking for you. Google+ will draw them over if you try a few simple techniques:

    • Get them sharing a particular hashtag to talk about a particular event surrounding your brand over on Google+.

    • Do a special Google+ Hangout and invite fans from varying networks to participate.

    • Offer incentives and giveaways to encourage all this let’s-go-check-out-Google+ behavior.