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How to Link to Your Company Website from Your Google+ Authors’ Profiles

By Jesse Stay

Your company will benefit from all the ways you can build authority. For example, you can link back to your website from each author’s Google+ profile. You have one more step to take before Google can properly see the link between your authors’ content and their Google+ profiles: linking those Google+ profiles back to your website. You can do so in one of two ways:

  • Add each author’s profile from your website to other profiles on their individual Google+ profile.

  • Add your website under Contributor To for each author’s Google+ profile.

To change this data, do the following:

  1. Go to the author’s Google+ profile.

    To do so, go to Google+ under the user’s account, and click the Profile link.

  2. Click Edit Profile.

    This should be a big button at the upper right.

  3. Click Other Profiles or Contributor To (or both).

    The section becomes a set of fields that you can edit or add to.

  4. Add the author’s website profile or your website name in the space provided.

    Just type in the URL to the author’s profile (or type in your own website URL if there is none) and click Save to finish linking the author’s Google+ profile to your website.

It can take a few weeks for Google to start recognizing the link between the author’s Google+ profile and your website — and to start detecting the data. Have some patience.