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How to Keep Your Business’s Facebook Page on Message

By John Haydon

According to the traditional marketing model, from awareness and knowledge come desire and action. However, with Facebook, the rules governing your message have changed. Everyone and everything is connected, so any engagement you do through your Page doesn’t go away. After you post something on your Page, fans may use your advice or they may pass on the videos you uploaded to others.

Therefore, you have to maintain a common message, or theme, throughout all your updates to ensure that you always accomplish the goals you set out for yourself in your Facebook marketing plan, whether it’s brand awareness or increasing sales.

An easy way to stay on message with your Facebook fans is to develop a posting calendar based on topics for each day of the week. For example, an auto repair shop can post based on the following schedule:

  • Monday: Safe driving tips

    Get fans to share their tips as well.

  • Tuesday: Do-it-yourself repair tips

    Tell fans to ask questions in the comments.

  • Wednesday: Discounts and specials

  • Thursday: Recommendations for weekend day-trips

    Get fans to share their favorite driving destinations as well.

  • Friday: Show and tell

    Get fans to post pictures of their cool cars.

Publish content based on what the reader needs or wants, not what the company needs or wants.