How to Invite Facebook Friends to Your Business Page - dummies

How to Invite Facebook Friends to Your Business Page

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Facebook recently changed the process for inviting your Friends to like a Page. Now only the Page admins can use the Invite Friends feature. Everyone else needs to use the Share feature.

As an admin, to invite your personal Facebook Friends to your business Page, follow these steps:

1Go to your Page, and look above the Admin panel.

A drop down menu will appear.

2Click the Build Audience drop-down menu and choose Invite Friends.

This will give you the options of which friends to invite.

3In the dialog box that appears, search for and select your Friends.

You have several ways to do this:

From the Search All Friends drop-down menu, choose Recent Interactions, a geographic location, membership in a shared group, or members of your Friends lists.

Type a person’s name.

Click a person’s Profile image to select that person.

4Click Submit.

When you have selected everyone you want to invite, click Submit and the invitation will be sent.

If a person’s Profile picture is grayed out, that person has already been invited to like the Page.

Friends lists are created in your personal Profile. You can’t create any business Page lists. One time when a Friends list is important for your Page is when you’re asking your Friends to like your Page by using the Share or Invite link.

Currently, you don’t get a chance to add a personal message to a Friends invitation. Your Friends can ignore the message, click the link that takes them to your Page and click the Like button there, or click the Like link in the notification.