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How to Integrate Your Business’s Facebook Marketing with Offline Campaigns

By John Haydon

When you start to solidify your Facebook marketing strategy, you may question what support systems and resources you need or wonder how to integrate your social network marketing strategy with your existing marketing plans. Here are some suggestions on how you can support the effort without overloading you or your marketing team.

There’s no reason why you can’t leverage your existing offline campaigns with a social network, but be sure that you incorporate the campaigns into Facebook the right way. That is, include all elements of your campaign on Facebook. If you’re throwing an event or starting a campaign, for example, mention it to your Facebook fans. Pretty much anything you currently do can be digitized and used on your Facebook Page.

Here are some ways that you can integrate your offline campaigns with your Facebook marketing activities:

  • Promote face-to-face events. You want people to attend your event, right? Mention your event on your Page and even link to any outside information you’ve posted, such as on your website. Better yet, create a Facebook Event and get a head start on your head count with those RSVPs that are going to come rolling in via your Page.

  • Adapt advertising campaigns to use for Facebook ads. Just be sure to make the campaign more social and conversational in tone by creating short, attention-grabbing headlines and using eye-catching pictures. Remember, you have a limited number of characters to use in a Facebook Ad, so make every character count.

  • Compare results with Facebook to offline efforts. Have you found that you have a better response rate to your Facebook marketing activities than, say, sending out a direct mailer? Did you find that you got more visits to your website because of something you posted on your Page than phone calls from prospective customers as a result of your mailers?

    Take some time to view both your online and offline marketing results to get a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t. After you compile this information, you can focus more closely on what gets you the most results.