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How to Integrate a Storefront on Your Business’s Facebook Page

Merchants are increasingly turning to Facebook as a channel to sell their wares. Attracted to Facebook’s mass reach and inexpensive, targeted ads, businesses create custom tabs to present their products. Some companies even conduct transactions directly within the social network, whereas others pass them off to their own website to complete the payment.

You can get a professionally designed customized tab to serve as your storefront. There are also many third-party apps that allow you to create a customized tab for your Facebook Page with little or no technical knowledge. Some come at a price, while others are free. These third-party applications are available specifically to facilitate shopping:

  • CoreCommerce: Has an application with fees starting at less than $20 per month, based on the number of products you include in your store.

  • Volusion: Has a Facebook application that allows you to add a social store tab to your Facebook Page. For example, Sun & Ski Sports launched its storefront, showcasing just eight products.


  • Payvment: A free solution, Payvment’s Facebook app is a completely integrated shopping solution. The service allows you to build and manage your storefront from within a tab on your Facebook Page and adds your products to a directory of Facebook stores.

Although e-commerce within Facebook is still in its infancy, Facebook is developing its own payment solution — Facebook Credits. Seen as a potential PayPal competitor, Facebook Credits allows Facebook members to securely store their credit card information, to simply make purchases. One thing is certain, social shopping will have a profound effect on Facebook’s future.