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How to Increase Your Company’s Page Ranking Through Google+ SEO

By Jesse Stay

People are the new major criterion for effective SEO. Your Google+ marketing page can be useful in optimizing this social element. Not to discount other factors (say, superior content) that can improve your search presence, the online landscape has changed.

With the advent of social media, search engines are starting to look at a person’s friends — and identity on the web — as significant factors that help marketers to identify the content that a particular person wants to see when conducting a search on the web.

That’s the point at which Google+ can take your SEO strategy to the next level. Here are the best suggestions for using social factors from Google+ to improve your presence in search on

  • Improve the number of +1s on each page of your website. These days, social endorsement by an individual — and by his or her friends — plays a significant part in the ranking of content on This happens both through Google personal results through Google Search Plus Your web, as well as through the natural results. Google now includes the +1 as a ranking factor in search results.

  • Grow your page audience and link that to your website. Linking your Google+ Page to your website gives additional authority to your website by establishing that your website has a strong audience of followers — exactly what advertisers want. Not only does this improve ranking in search results, but it brings out more opportunities for Google to feature your page and website more prominently in search results.

  • Link authors of content to their Google+ profiles through your website, and focus your content around people. Preliminary studies show that content linked to real authors does rank higher in search results. But even if it didn’t, when you link your authors to their Google+ profiles through your website, you’re increasing their visibility in search results.

    As a result, searchers’ eyes are drawn to your results over those of your competitors, regardless of ranking. You’ll see more click-throughs this way.

  • Post lots of content on your Google+ Page and your employees’ Google+ profiles that you also link back to your website. Content truly is king; Google+ gives you opportunities to post lots of it. Post frequently to your Google+ Page and link frequently back to your website. Get your employees, customers, and fans to do the same.

    The more this happens, the more your content will appear in search results — and the more click-throughs and visibility your brand will have.