How to Identify Authorship Links to Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Jesse Stay

The way to link back to a Google+ profile is to use a special attribute on your HTML links (the <a> tag) that tells Google that the currently linked text is identifying who the author of the post is and takes the user back to that author’s Google+ profile. Making your website much more personal can be one of the greatest ways to start improving your search results on Google.

To link the user back to the author’s Google profile, just do the following:

  1. Create a link to the author’s profile anywhere on the page.

    Your link will look something like this:

    <a href=””>Jesse Stay</a>

    On the blog, the name is linked in the byline for each article. So where it says by Jesse Stay or by Another Author, the Jesse Stay or Another Author is linked to each of our individual Google+ profiles. When the byline is linked, the code behind the text looks something like this:


    <a href=>by Jesse Stay</a>

    You can actually do this bit of magic for multiple authors and multiple people on the same site. Google then reads the data about each author and attaches it to the individual post in the search results.

  2. Append the text rel=”author” to the link, either before or after the href attribute.

    When you create the link as you would any other HTML link, all you need do now is tell Google that the link is identifying a place that users can click to find the author’s profile on the web. To do so, just add the text rel=”author” to the link. The final link HTML will look something like this:


<a href=”” rel=”author”>by Jesse Stay</a>