How to Get Notifications about Users’ Activity on Your Facebook Page

By John Haydon

To get timely notifications of activity by Facebook users, configure your notification settings in the Settings section of your Facebook Page. Responding to user activity will help keep people engaged and coming back to your Page. To configure your notification settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings link on your admin navigation bar.

  2. Click Notifications in the left sidebar.


  3. Select your desired method of getting notifications:

    • On Facebook: Selecting this option means that you’ll receive notifications about activity by users on your Page in the same area where you receive notifications from your Facebook friends. You can also select the specific type of notifications to receive (new messages, reviews, tips, comments, posts by others, new Likes, and so on).

    • Email: Selecting this option means that you’ll get an email when someone Likes, comments on, or shares one of your updates; posts an update to your Page; or sends you a Facebook Page message.

The notifications method you choose depends on your preferences. Keep in mind that you can choose more than one type of notification and then simply deselect the ones that aren’t suited to your work habits.