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How to Generate Sales Leads Using QR Codes

By Joe Waters

If you’re looking to generate more sales leads for your company, try using QR Codes in a practical but creative way.

  • Business cards: But just don’t link to your boring contact info. They have that on your card. Instead, link the QR Code to a customer testimonial on your outstanding products or service.

  • PowerPoint slides: Instead of linking the code to your website or phone number, link to content (such as an article, post, or video) that gives more in-depth information about your topic from a third-party source. Show them it’s about them, not you.

  • “For Sale” signs: If you’re selling your home, don’t just link the QR Code to the information sheet — shoot a video giving people a tour of your home and end it with, “If you liked what you saw on the first floor, the second floor is even better. Open house this Sunday.”

  • Restaurant tables: Have half go to Facebook where diners can like your page, and the other half go to Foursquare, the location-based service that allows you to share your location to friends and followers.

  • Tradeshow booths: Include them on your booth and materials and have your team show attendees how to scan and save them for later (when they’ll have time to look at your information).

  • Waiting areas: Put QR Codes in elevators, ski lifts, checkout lines, and even bathrooms! (Don’t laugh. Thirty-nine percent of smartphone users have admitted to using their phones in the potty.)

  • Print ads and posters: Give consumers directions to your business and info on what time you open and close.

  • Reordering: Include QR Codes on packaging and invoices that takes shoppers to where they can reorder with just a couple of clicks.

  • Polls: Ask your customers to take a quick poll on where they heard about your business or what they liked about shopping with you.

  • Appointments: Use a QR Code to link prospects directly with your calendar. A good online calendar service is called that allows others to see your availability but not your appointments. Visitors can pick a date and time to speak or meet with you.

  • Testing: Put QR Codes on all your advertising so you can track scans and identify tech-savvy audiences.

  • Tattoos: Kids love the temporary ones. Why give away a QR Code tattoo that links to coloring pages or a funny video with your logo.

  • Products: No salesperson around? No problem. QR Codes can give shoppers all the specs and details they need.

  • Coupons: Consumers love coupons. Reward their scans with savings.

  • E-mail newsletter: Shoppers can sign up for yours by scanning a QR Code and entering an e-mail address.

  • Store windows: Show people what’s inside or give them some details on the displayed items.

  • When you’re closed: You can tell people when you’ll reopen or give them a video tour of your showroom.