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How to Find People Tweeting about Your Keywords

By Kyle Lacy

After you figure out keywords that will fuel your Twitter marketing campaign, you need to figure out who is talking about them on Twitter. They are among the people you want to have as followers. Twitter has two types of searches that can help you find out who these potential customers are:

  • Twitter search bar: The Twitter search bar is located at the top of the site. You can enter any term, name, or keyword and click Search. Twitter will search for tweets, tweets with links, tweets near you, and people associated with the search. Click the different tabs to search each group. For example, if you click the People tab, you are presented with a list of people you can follow who are associated with that keyword.

  • Twitter search tool: Twitter doesn’t have a link to this search tool, so you have to type the address into your browser’s address bar directly. Use Twitter’s search tool to search for keywords and hashtags in people’s conversations.

The search bar at the top of your profile gives you the ability to search for Twitter keywords. This may be an easier path to take if you are using the Web version of Twitter. When you find someone who’s talking about a keyword you are targeting (within the Tweets tabs), click the username, and the person’s profile information will open to the right on your screen.

Check out the user’s past tweets and see whether he or she is someone worth following. If so, click the Follow button, and you’re set. When the user sees you have started following him or her, that person may choose to check out your profile to see whether you’re worth following back.

You can use Twitter trends to see what the most important topics of discussion are on Twitter at that time. The more popular the topic, the higher in the Twitter trends list the word appears.

Twitter home page.

Here’s a quick list of some of the most useful keyword search tools:

  • Twitterment and enable you to search user bios for your keywords.

  • Nearby Tweets enables you to both search for twitterers in a chosen location, such as your hometown, as well as specify keywords. You can use this search to find locally based customers, which may be really helpful if your business is local, as in the case of real estate, restaurants, cleaning services, and so on.

Use one or more of these search tools to find people who are talking about your chosen keywords. Follow those people and start a conversation.