How to Filter Facebook Search Results to Focus Your Marketing Campaign - dummies

How to Filter Facebook Search Results to Focus Your Marketing Campaign

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

After you complete your Facebook search inquiry, you may be thinking, “Great! Now what do I do with this info?” Here are strategies for filtering that info to use in going after your ideal audience on Facebook:

  • Send a Friend request. Identify the Facebook users you want to target, and Friend them on Facebook. If the Facebook user has enabled messaging, you may be able to send him a personal e-mail via Facebook. Sending a personal note is smart when sending a Friend request to make the connection more personal.

    To change your messaging settings, go into Privacy Settings, click “How to Connect,” and choose which option works best for your preferences under the drop-down menu next to “Who can send you Facebook messages?”.


Be mindful when sending personal messages to people you do not yet personally know. Be careful to not come across as “spammy” or too pushy, but instead keep things friendly, casual, and to the point.


  • Ask them to join your Page. Invite your targeted users to like your Page by sending them an e-mail inside Facebook, including the link to your Facebook Page, and requesting that they check out your Page and click the Like button to join your community. In the e-mail, briefly tell them why it’s a good idea to join your Page.

  • Join the groups that count the most. The best strategy is to join active Facebook groups related to your brand or niche and become part of that community. After joining, consistently post helpful tips that will eventually connect people to your Facebook Page.