How to Figure Out What Kind of Social Media Marketing Campaign to Launch

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Social media marketing campaigns have lots of moving parts and revenue riding on them. To make sure that you get the most from each campaign you launch, you should first determine the type and goal of the campaign needed. Here are some possible choices:

Type Description Goal
Blogger outreach Generate an awareness of your product among people who
influence your customers
Create a positive association between your product and
influencers in the mind of the customer
UCG (user-generated content) contests Obtain contributions from consumers in return for rewards Generate excitement and reach out to new customers
Brand utilities Provide your customer with an app that has value to them Build trust and gain loyalty from users
Podcasting/Videos Provide multimedia forms of information for those who prefer to
watch or listen
Demonstrate an interest in sharing information and entertaining
your customer
Sponsored conversations Aggregate content around a topic in the form of a forum or
Show leadership and develop a community of interested