How to Enhance Your Customer Service Using QR Codes - dummies

How to Enhance Your Customer Service Using QR Codes

By Joe Waters

A great benefit of QR Codes is that they can be a virtual link between your company and your customers. They can be there when you’re not to answer questions, to give information, or to say thank you.

  • If you run a hotel or recreation area, you can use QR Codes to answer popular questions about where to eat, what to do, or where to shop.

  • If you own a fitness center, put QR Codes on machines and equipment that link to a brief video on how to use them safely and effectively.

  • If you run a business that’s known for its long lines, use QR Codes to share wait time or entertainment to keep people happy.

  • Snap pictures of customers enjoying themselves at attractions or on rides and give them a QR Code that takes them to a web page where they can find their picture in a frame with your business name on it.

  • If you sell cars, put QR Codes in areas where drivers can learn how to perform basic maintenance on their cars. For example, include one that links drivers to a video on how to properly change a tire.

  • If you sell lawn and yard equipment, put QR Codes on them that link to manuals or a web page where people can make a service appointment.