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How to Enhance Your Brand with Google Search Plus Your World

By Jesse Stay

Google Search Plus Your World is Google’s brand for socializing the experience. It includes results that it thinks your friends want you to see, based on the search terms you enter. With Google+, the search experience is much less lonely and much more social. Here are the most notable additions:

  • Articles your friends have +1’d and shared related to the terms you’re searching for: Google now ranks the URLs and articles your friends have +1’d and shared right inside search results.

    A combination of how relevant the URL is, along with how many people have +1’d or shared the article, determines how high that URL appears on your search results. Now, in addition to traditional SEO, you’ll want to get people sharing and +1’ing your website as well.

  • Posts your friends have +1’d and shared related to the terms you are searching for: In addition to URLs and articles, posts that your friends have shared on Google+ will start appearing in Google search results.

    As a marketer, you should also start optimizing your posts on Google+ to rank well on the keywords you want.

  • Pages and people: In some cases, people or pages related to your Google search will appear in the right column of Google, with the option for you to circle them. For instance, if you search for Google, you see relevant Google-related Google+ Pages appear in the right column.


  • Metadata taken from Google+ to improve the look and feel: If you include the proper tags on your website to identify a Google+ profile behind the content on your website, search results will return the profile image — and the name of the author behind the content on your site. It also provides the option to circle the individual, right inside search results.

  • The option to +1 right in the search results: As on your website and in posts, if you +1 an article in search results, your +1 gets tabulated in deciding future search results for your Google+ friends. This means that encouraging your followers to +1 search results can also help you rank higher on Google.

  • The option to circle your favorite brands right from Google search results: If you’re searching for a brand that has a Google+ Page, depending on how long they’ve been around and what their follower count is, you may see the brand at the upper right of your search results . As on Google+, you can circle that brand right from search results.


You can turn off Google’s social features by clicking the little globe icon (next to the icon of the person’s head at the upper right) to turn off Google’s personal search.