How to Edit a Business Contact in Google Contacts - dummies

How to Edit a Business Contact in Google Contacts

By Jesse Stay

Once you have a running list of business contacts, it’s good to learn how to edit these in Google Contacts. It may become necessary to add pertinent details to these contacts and they become necessary to your marketing campaign. This is very easy. Here’s how:

  1. Search for any contact.

    You can either search or go through them one by one from Google contacts.

  2. Click the contact.

    Clicking the contact should open up that contact’s details.

  3. Click any area you want to edit.

    There are no Edit buttons on this page. Just click where you want to edit.

    You can’t edit the stuff under the Google profile information section. The individual who owns that profile is the only one that can edit that section (by editing his or her Google profile).

  4. Change the field you want to edit.

    Just type — it’s that simple. Press Enter when you’re done, if you like.

  5. Click Save Now.

    As with creating a contact entry, editing a contact entry will automatically save your changes. If, for some reason, it doesn’t, you can also click the Save Now button. (If the entry is already saved, the button will say Saved and won’t be clickable.)