How to Easily Access Basic Pinterest Data for Social Media Marketing - dummies

How to Easily Access Basic Pinterest Data for Social Media Marketing

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

If you have a personal account, Pinterest offers basic information you can use for social media marketing, such as how many people are following you and a summary of your pins on all your Pinterest boards. To view this information, select your name at the top-right of a Pinterest screen. Below your header image, your total count of Boards, Pins (all the pins you’ve posted to your boards), Likes, Followers, and Following appear in a horizontal row.

All other viewers, including your competitors, can also see these statistics, including the current number of people you follow and the number of people following you. Of course, you can see how your competitors perform on Pinterest, too.

The most important measure is the number of repins you have, which shows the images shared by others. This information tells you a pin’s viral quality: The more people who share or repin your image, the greater your reach. Unfortunately, you can’t easily access that data in the basic view; you have to click on each and every pin to see how many times it has been repinned.

If you want to see trends and a comparative analysis about which pins are most often repinned, you need the main analytics dashboard, which you can access with a free Pinterest business account.

Currently, there is one helpful third-party analytics tool for Pinterest that will help you get around these limitations: Tailwind. Tailwind lets you measure trends over a fairly long period of time. Because it can take time to prove a return on investment (ROI), the long trend lines help you see the big picture.

After a free trial, prices for Tailwind start at as little as $10 per month with a limited history. They rise with additional features and longer history. According to Tailwind, features available include the ability to

  • Track growth in the total number of Followers, Boards, Repins, Likes, and Comments over time.

  • Archive historical data.

  • Analyze pin performance by category, board, keyword, and hashtag.

  • Watch the growth of traffic and engagement on individual pins over time.

  • Compare how viral your content is (repins) and your fan engagement (likes and comments) to that of your competitors.

  • Integrate easily with Google Analytics to track revenue and traffic compared to other social media.