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How to Develop the Core Goals of Your Facebook Marketing Plan

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

With Facebook growing by the minute, there’s no question that it must be a part of your marketing mix. To set up your Facebook marketing foundation, however, it’s essential to create a Facebook marketing plan or strategy. Think of your strategy as a road map — the directions you need to create a thriving, active, loyal community on Facebook.

The strategy behind a Facebook marketing plan doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be carefully thought out. When it comes to growing a brand on Facebook, business owners and marketers commonly become stuck, often because they overcomplicate things.

Define your Facebook marketing goals

As you think about crafting your Facebook marketing plan, understand what Facebook can do for your business. Consider these six Facebook marketing goals as you craft your new plan:

  • Increasing overall exposure

  • Building brand awareness

  • Creating a loyal, engaged community

  • Listening to your clients’ needs, interests, and feedback

  • Monitoring what people are saying about your brand

  • Driving action (often in the form of sales of your products or services)

These six core goals will help you shape the specific outcomes you want to achieve from your Facebook marketing plan. One of the first steps when creating your marketing plan and determining your goals is to decide on a social media budget.

Decide on a social media budget

You’ve likely heard that social media marketing is free. Well, we’re sorry to break it to you here, but that’s not exactly the case. It can be free, but in some areas, consider spending a little money to take your campaign to a professional level. Here are three areas where you should consider spending a little money:

  • Branding: It is recommended that you hire a designer to create a look and feel for all your social media profiles. All your profiles should be consistent across channels and match your branding as much as possible. Finding a designer for this task is affordable and quick. Sites like Twitter are great resources to find designers to create your social media profiles.

  • Social media consulting: It is usually recommended that entrepreneurs and businesses that are new in the social media arena spend a little money educating themselves. Although it isn’t recommended that you run out and hire someone to take over your social media activity, it is recommended that you consult a social media expert for a review of your strategy to gain feedback on and insight into your plan.

  • Facebook Ads: The third area you may want to consider budgeting for is Facebook Ads.

Should you hire a social media consultant?

If you decide to hire a social media consultant to review your social media marketing plan, treat the experience as though you’re hiring a new employee. Ask for references, and do your due diligence to make sure that you’re hiring a skilled, experienced consultant who has achieved real results for other clients. One way to search for a social media consultant is to search in Facebook by typing these keywords:

  • “social media consultant”

  • “social media marketing”

  • “social media marketer”

Decide whether a Facebook Ads campaign is right for you

Consider experimenting with Facebook Ads, even if you only plan to test them for a limited time with a small budget. You may be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this advertising channel, because Facebook Ads allow you to promote your business, get more likes for your Facebook Page, and drive more leads to build up your sales funnel.

The reason why Facebook Ads are so popular is that the targeting is like that of no other advertising vehicle available today. You can target by gender, age, race, location, and interests — and even by who is or who isn’t a liker of a specific Facebook Page. It’s an impressive tool worth checking out, for sure.

After you establish your core goals for your Facebook marketing plan, you can focus on creating a successful Facebook Page.