How to Develop a Launch Strategy for Your Facebook Page - dummies

How to Develop a Launch Strategy for Your Facebook Page

By John Haydon

Many Facebook marketers refer to the initial stage of a promotion as the launch, whether the product is a book, the newest model of a car, or an event. At a launch, you might announce a widely covered and highly anticipated product, such as the latest iPhone, or distribute free samples to promote the opening of a local restaurant. But in all cases, a launch is the beginning or takeoff.

Launch is an appropriate word for creating a Facebook Page. It’s even similar to the basic stages of launching a rocket ship:

  • Preparation: Like a rocket ship, your Facebook Page presence requires a strategy to steer its course. It also needs a main image, applications, and a Welcome tab to provide function and features for Facebook users.

  • Countdown: Set goals for your Page, and estimate a deadline for launching it to essentially force yourself to prepare everything for success.

  • Initial thrust: When you start with no Facebook fans, you have to fight gravity to thrust your “vehicle” up and away from Earth, using assets such as a huge email list or an announcement at a conference about a special attendees-only promotion on your Page.

  • Second-stage thrust: After you’ve acquired a fair number of fans of your Facebook Page and achieved a healthy amount of engagement on it, you can fire off a second round of “thrusters,” such as featuring Facebook-sponsored ads that leverage your fans’ friend networks or conducting a cross-promotional campaign with another Facebook Page.

  • Orbit: At this stage, slightly ahead of a tipping point, you must simply navigate and continuously refresh your attitude and creativity so that fans stay interested.