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How to Create Boosted Posts on Facebook to Market Your Business

By John Haydon

A Boosted Post is a type of Facebook Ad that creates exposure for specific posts on your Facebook Page. The types of posts that can be promoted include status updates, photos, videos, events, and milestones.

Promoted posts are labeled Sponsored and show up only in the News Feeds of people who like your Page (and those people’s friends). Promoted posts aren’t shown in the right column of Facebook. Promoted posts also show up in mobile News Feeds, which is huge considering the fact that more than 700 million users access Facebook from their mobile devices.

Creating a Boosted Post from your Facebook Page

Unlike other Facebook Ads, Boosted Posts are easy to create directly from your Page Timeline. To create a Boosted Post, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Boost Post button in the bottom-right corner of any Facebook Page post on your Timeline. This button appears as long as you have admin status.

    A window pops open.


  2. In the new window, select the audience you’re targeting.


    Your choices are:

    • People Who Like Your Page

    • People Who Like Your Page and Their Friends

    • People You Choose Through Targeting

    The first two of these are pretty self-explanatory. When you select the third choice, People You Choose Through Targeting, however, the Create Audience dialog box appears. Here you can enter any of four different criteria for targeting your audience:


    • Location: You can be as specific as cities or as broad as countries.

    • Age: You can specify any range of people as young as 13 and as old as 65+.

    • Gender: Male or female.

    • Interests: Target people based on Pages they like, closely related topics, the apps they use, or the specific ads they’ve clicked.

    Finally, before you leave the Create Audience dialog box, consider giving your target audience a name. This saves your selections for use in a future post. To do this, enter a name for your audience in the Name field; then click Save.

  3. Set your desired budget for the promotion.

    Menu options vary depending on Page size. Remember, the budget you set is a lifetime budget, not a daily budget.

  4. Next, select the run dates for your Boosted Post (to do this, first click More Options).

    Your choices are 1 to 7 days. If you want your ad to run longer, you’ll have to use the advanced advertising options.

  5. Click Boost.

    A pop-up window appears informing you that Facebook has to review the ad. (This usually takes 15 minutes.)

  6. If you haven’t purchased a Facebook Ad before, enter your credit card information at the prompt.

    This information will be saved as a payment option in your Facebook Ads account.

Viewing real-time analytics for Boosted Posts

You can see real-time stats on how your ad is performing. To do so, click the See Results (dollar amount) button below the post that you Boosted.