How to Create Admin Roles for Your Facebook Business Page - dummies

How to Create Admin Roles for Your Facebook Business Page

By Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, Jesse Stay

As the admin of your Facebook business page, you have the capability to add others to your admin list as well as delete them. You should definitely add at least one other admin to your business page as a security measure. That way, if you’re locked out, you have someone you trust who can reinstate you as an admin.

To add people as admins for your business page, you either need to be friends with them or know their e-mail address in their Facebook profile. Then, from the top of your Admin panel, click Edit Page→Edit Settings→Admin Roles.


Start typing the person’s name in the provided text box. A list of your friends appears, and you can either finish typing or select a name from the list. If you aren’t friends with the person, simply enter the person’s e-mail address. Click Save. When requested, enter your password to confirm the changes, and then click Confirm. Facebook sends the person an e-mail and a notification on Facebook.

To remove an admin, simply click the Remove link next to the name of that person. When you click Save Changes, you’ll be asked to enter your password. After you enter your password and click Confirm, that person will no longer have administrative privileges for your business page.

If you click the Remove link accidentally, click Cancel. A dialog box appears, asking if you want to leave this page with unsaved changes. Click Leave This Page. You’ll end up on your business page timeline, instead of on your Admin panel.

Five levels of admins are available, making it easier to assign tasks. Only managers can change a person’s admin type. By default, all admins are content creators. Here is a breakdown of admin roles and duties.