How to Complete Your Business’s Info Page - dummies

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

After creating your business’s Facebook Page, you will want to fill in the fields on the Info Page. Depending on the Page type and category, the fields will be different. The TV Show category has a field called Plot, for example, whereas the Book category has a field for the ISBN.

The following examples use the Company Page type and the Company category. Follow these steps:

  1. At the top of the Admin Panel, click the Edit Page button and then click Update Info.

    This step opens the Page dashboard. Notice the Basic Information menu on the left side. If that menu isn’t visible, click Basic Information.

  2. At the top of the Basic Information interface, change the Page type and category.

    You can go back and change this at any time.

  3. In the Official Page field, don’t enter any text.

    Fill in this field only if you’re creating a Page about a brand, celebrity, or organization that you don’t officially represent. Don’t add any text in this field if this is not the case, as Facebook will connect your Page to the Official Page and it is next to impossible to reverse. In most cases there is no need to type anything here.

    Leave it blank if this doesn’t apply to you.

  4. Fill in the Username Selection field.

    If you see a web Address tab where you can set a vanity URL, you’re very lucky! If not, this is where you go after you have at least 25 people liking your Page so that you can select a vanity URL or username. You will either see a field where you can change what you’ve selected previously, or a notice that you still don’t have 25 likes yet.

  5. Modify the Name and Start type section.

    You can change the name of your Page in this space. After you have more than 200 likes, you have the option to change the name just one more time.

    The Start type and date are important to modify. If you use the current day, month, and year, you won’t be able to add anything to the Page’s Timeline from the past. Make the Start date further back than that date. You can also decide whether you want this first date type to be Born, Founded, Started, Open, Created, or Launched.

  6. In the Address section, add a physical address or not.

    The Address section is important for local businesses.

    If you add a physical address in this section, your Page becomes a Places Page. You have a new function on your Page where anyone can add a public Recommendation. It’s best to use this address space only if you have actual hours. People can check in to your business and use the Recommendation function. You will also need to then claim your Page.

  7. In the About field, enter your website URL and promotional or informational text.

    The About field is vital. This bit of text is right below the Page’s Profile image. People will be able to see about 170 characters. Make sure that you have an http:// link as the very first thing so that you have a hyperlink to your website or products.

  8. Fill out the rest of the fields.

    The next set of fields depends on your Page type. Fill out all the fields. One of them is the text that autopopulates the invitation that’s generated when you (or anyone) shares the Page.

    Generally, the Company Overview or Description field is used for this sharing invite. You will check this sharing process in the next chapter, and this is where to revisit to edit the text.

  9. Click Save Changes.

    The page will refresh with a note at the top saying Information Updated. To view your changes, click the View Page button.

    Now you see the About text below the Profile image and other information, depending on your Page type.