How to Choose a QR Code Reader for an Apple Operating System

By Joe Waters

Finding a QR Code reader for your Apple device is easy for a couple reasons. First, all Apple devices come with Apple’s operating system, so you don’t have to worry that your Apple device is running a BlackBerry operating system (heaven forbid!). Second, Apple has an easy-to-use App Store at which you can download a reader.

Here’s how to download a QR Code reader for your Apple device:

  1. Find and touch the App Store icon on your mobile device.


  2. Tap the Search button on the bottom right of the screen and type QR Code reader in the search field.

    A list of QR Code and other barcode readers appears. Pick a free reader for now. Here are the top three free readers in the App Store, based on customer reviews:

    • QR Reader for iPhone (4.5 out of 5 stars)

    • Scan (4.5 stars). This also works on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad 2.

    • Quick Scan (4.5 stars). Also works on iPod touch.

    You can also search for these readers in the App Store by name.

  3. Tap the reader you want and tap FREE at the top right.

  4. Punch in your Apple ID to download the app.